High Voltage Success
A New Book by Marcie Cook


High Voltage Success by Marcie CookFate has a knack for choosing the most unexpected moments to intervene in our lives.  How we respond to the challenges and opportunities posed by these moments determines our success or failure.  Fortunately, Iím living proof that itís possible to triumph over adversity and emerge a winneróboth in business and in life.

     I learned that lesson the hard way one chilly January morning while aloft in a hot air balloon.  I was blissfully savoring the journey of a lifetime.  What an incredible feeling being weightless above the beautiful south Texas countryside.  The air felt crisp and clean.  I wanted it to last forever.  In the movies there is always the sound of a ricochet just before our hero gets it.  I never saw the high voltage power lines that nearly killed me.

     Suddenly the pilot turned white as if heíd seen his life pass before his eyes.  ďGet down!Ē he shouted as the power lines that were half-obscured by trees came surging toward us.  I imagine he felt much like the guys on the Titanic who saw their fate but were powerless to change it.  The balloon collided with the lines and snapped them in half.  My world exploded in a white flash then everything went black.  One moment I was savoring the rich flavor of life, the next I was clinging to it.

     I learned later that one of those lines struck me in the forehead, sending 7,900 volts of electricity surging through my body.  I went into convulsions, quit breathing, and fell into a lifeless heap fifty feet above the ground.

     After some midair heroics that saved my life, I woke up in a hospital burn unit, looking more like an overdone Texas Bar-B-Que than a person.  I saw the pain in Rodís eyes as he looked at me, powerless to be more than moral support.  In the hours ahead I discovered a deep-rooted will to survive. ďLord, Iím not ready to die,Ē I prayed.  ďI have too much left to accomplish!Ē

     Iíve always wanted to leave this world a better place than I found it.  By the time of my accident, Iíd attained success in business and in marriage, yet I knew that I had to attain one more important goal.  I simply wasnít ready to check out without having something worthwhile engraved on my tombstone.

     God was watching over me.  Miraculously, I survived my mid-air electrocution.  And thanks to the efforts of a wonderful group of people all pulling for me to succeed, and bolstered by my own strong willpower, Iíve pretty much recovered physically.

     In the process Iíve had the opportunity to see life with blinding clarity.  Itís a lot like the business world.  If you try to go it alone, chances are youíre in for a tough time.  The beauty of MLM is that you become part of a family in which everyone wants you to attain your goals ó and many people are willing and eager to help you find the path to success.

     I know this to be true, because I walked down a few rocky roads along the way.  Iíve punched a time clock scrambling up the corporate ladder with a Detroit auto manufacturer.  Iíve owned a delicatessen and even tried my hand as a franchised beauty salon operator.  Unfortunately, none of those ventures provided the long-term security or financial independence or the deep satisfaction in knowing Iíd accomplished something special that I so dearly needed.

     Fortunately, I discovered multi-level marketing.  Imagine my surprise and delight when just a few months after joining a successful MLM company, I found myself cashing paychecks of $20,000 a month!

     Of course there were stumbling blocks along the wayóincluding mistakes in business as well as a couple of rocky marriages--before I found success in both MLM and love. With help from a broad support network, I learned to have confidence in myself in order to overcome lifeís obstacles and pursue my dreams.

     If I had known in my youth what I know today, I could have achieved financial independence and security at a much earlier age.  I might even have avoided mistakes in my personal life if Iíd had the confidence that I ultimately found as a successful multi-level marketing professional.

     When the balloon accident occurred, I drew heavily on that inner strength and confidence.  Knowing that I had overcome serious problems in the past, surely I could do it again.

     One of the most satisfying parts of being an MLM leader has always been helping other people achieve the same self-confidence and financial success that I have found.

Nothing is more heart-warming to me than serving as a mentor for someone starting out in the MLM business. Iíve helped stay-at-home Moms obtain steady paychecks, enabled retirees to supplement their pensions, and taught ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.  In some cases, transforming them into MLM superstars.

     Through this I've come to realize that success in MLM is available to anyone!  You donít have to be a CEO or Wall Street wizard to become a financial success.  You donít even need an MBA degree or a pile of money to invest.  In fact, you can get started in most reputable MLM companies with a hundred dollars or less.  Through education and effort, you can soon make that ďseed moneyĒ grow into a thriving business enterprise.

     Reflecting on my life after the accident, I found myself wanting to help a broader audience.  I traveled to Russia, where I spoke to crowds in several cities, introducing eager Russian citizens to the joys of capitalism and the entrepreneurial opportunities offered by multi-level marketing.

     Realizing that itís impossible to travel to every city in every country on Earth, and with some gentle prodding from Tom Schreiter, I decided to write this book as a means of sharing my story and my secrets for success with a global audience.

     I hope that you will find my message both enjoyable and inspiring.  Finally, it is my sincerest wish that you benefit from the wisdom of my experiences, extracting value to help you achieve your own dreams.